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rock it suda_at dusk

Posted in Uncategorized by moon hoon on April 28, 2010

 it suda_at dusk 

this photo was taken in november 2009, just after completion. the tail lights were a bit disappointing_due to the low budget_yes! i can blame my under_achievements to something or somebody…anyway almost half a year has gone by…i urf and find many postson rock it suda…especially the ones showing children going mad, enjoying space, give me much satisfactions…the tail can hold three grown ups…but not many of them try it…i wish the best of luck to the client_owner_manager of rockitsuda…who resides in the cafeteria…

photo by yeum seung hoon


temple of wind

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the temple of wind is an installation project sponsored by  ALLURE magazine and CLARIINS…it attempts to hold an image and sound of wind in a small spheric_peeping  space…and at night it glows in red….NS